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Default Re: RK, but waaaaaaaaay off topic.

Originally Posted by Nell View Post
Years ago I heard a “message” on tape by Ron Kangas and the topic was “close encounters”. No. Really. Close encounters with UFO’s. There are up to 5 “kinds” and I think RK talked about up to the third kind. I don’t remember why on earth (no pun intended) he was “inspired” to speak on this topic and TAPE IT, but the tape made the rounds. It was surreal.

Do any of you remember hearing this tape?

OMG!!! I've got to hear this tape some way or another. Pleeeeease ... someone come up with it.

I sat at Kangas' feet. He's intelligent, and deep, and very pensive at times, especially while driving, and he knew a lot about just about all religions. He was schooled at Princeton Theological Seminary, remember.

Once at a dinner invite, from a worker buddy, we witnessed to a dyed-in-the-wool New Ager. And Ron easily conversed with him in his vernacular, with a personable sense of ease, understanding his universalistic type views and illusions, and concepts like, "a drop of water in the ocean" type of universalism mysticism.

So it doesn't surprise me at all that he could have something for UFO's.

UFO's are controversial in the Christian-wide community. Here's something from a "friend" of brother Ron's :

From CRI :


"One of the characteristics of our postmodern society is spiritual curiosity. This helps explain why books such as Left Behind and Harry Potter that are poles apart in their worldviews can simultaneously share a secular bestseller list. The popularity of spiritual topics, in my opinion, is a reflection of a society that is hungry for meaning and purpose in life, which they mistakenly believe will be fulfilled via contact with extraterrestrial civilizations or proof that life exists outside of planet earth. In effect, for some, the search and hope for ETI amounts to a quest for an extraterrestrial savior."
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