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Originally Posted by A little brother View Post
Now you are saying WL is the author of the Holy Bible.

And the behavior of your family members represent the world.

Somehow, you used an "If" in your last sentence. So there is still hope.
Well I know my family and know that other people in the LC have family who also use it. So it could be a trend. I don't know who clicks on poor quality videos of Lee from 10-20 years ago, certainly not current LC members. We stream direct from LSM and so would people who are not in the LC but want to watch. So Youtube views is not an accurate way to tell.

Where did I ever say Lee was the author of the Bible? Obviously I'm speaking about the ministry /foot notes. As a translation, the revised KJV or NKJV is better. My family just love the "unlocked" version of the Bible so much they prefer it to their NIV.

Anyway where were you in the discussions here when some supported the idea that Satan wrote parts of the Bible? So it's shock and horror from you when I "implied" (which I didn't actually) that Lee authored the Bible, but not a word from you when Satan writes the Bible.
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