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I don't know the current count for LC. In 1986, WL estimated the total number of people was 120,000 and I don't think there were any exponential growth since then. So that would be the "most circulation" you are talking about out of millions of believers.

If you are still not sure, go to youtube and compare the view count for sermons from Witness Lee with other more well known preachers and you will have a clearer idea. And if you check the sales number for "The Purpose Driven Life", you might hail Rick Warren as the new MOTA.
This is in reply to Rick Warren comment (I think you edited after my last post) -

I've done the Purpose Driven Life course in a small group. I've read and studied and discussed the book. Lee said the same thing and more, while Warren was still in diapers. So while Warren is good, Lee is more MOTA material I think.
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