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I don't know the current count for LC. But in 1986, WL estimated the total number of people was 120,000 and I don't think there were any exponential growth since then. So that would be the "most circulation" you are talking about out of millions of believers.

If you are still not sure, go to youtube and compare the view count for sermons from Witness Lee with other more well known preachers and you will have a clearer idea.
lol Youtube. The Lee sermons there are old and poor quality and we don't even use them in the LC, we stream direct from LSM. We are talking about millions of believers including the ones who benefit from the broadcasts and material who do not fellowship with the LC. At bible distribution events upwards of 100,000 bibles are distributed over a few days. On campuses, LC material would be the most widely distributed, in greater numbers than other on-campus Christian groups. As a personal testimony, most of my family attend denominations but most have a Recovery Version on their shelf which they purchased of their own accord, and some even use it in their denominational bible studies - it is that good. If every LC "member"'s family and friends also use the material then we are talking about multiples of those who currently attend the LC. So I think it is in the millions.
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