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Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
So God gave Paul the Vision, and that makes Paul the Minister of the Age.
Well for whatever it counts, in you minister of the age paradigm, didn't Paul say he was the least of the apostles? What's that make all the others? Mincemeat? The way you are speaking Paul was greater than Jesus.

And speaking of that, I've determined that the minister of the age is short lived. Jesus as the MOTA was 3 years. Then Peter was the MOTA, for a short while, until Paul came along. And Paul's was short lived from between the 50s and 60s. Then who?

But back to Paul's conversion into the MOTA. So is the qualification of the minister of the age having a vision brighter than the sun and getting knocked to the ground, while a unidentified Jesus speaks in a voice "all heard"?

Well maybe "all heard." The three accounts of Paul's conversion contradict each other, and don't make sense if read side by side.

That aside, I wonder if something like Paul's experience happened to Nee and Lee ... and was Lee speaking from a continual revelation from Jesus Christ? That's all necessary for him to be the MOTA. Right?
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