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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
Alb>"Were John and Peter following Paul as the leading minister?"

This is obvious from the account in the NT... Paul had a special ministry and they recognized and honored it. Peter referred to Paul's writings as "scripture".

You are trying to polarize the biblical narrative, like it's all this way or that way. The biblical account is balanced but will always be twisted by those who do not understand spiritual authority.

I used to "understand" spiritual authority. Titus Chu would say, "the mistakes of my spiritual father are none of my business."

In other words, as long as Witness Lee was the MOTA, he could place his reprobate son Philip over all the churches and molest all the pretty office staff, but no one can say a thing since we don't want to be twisted like all those who do not understand spiritual authority.

Sorry, I just don't get it anymore.
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