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Originally Posted by A little brother View Post
From Evangelical, "In fact it is almost comedy when people say there are MANY ministers in each age yet if they read the New Testament, almost half of it is written by Paul! Who is the other Minister of The Age on the same level as Paul? Timothy? Silas? Barnabus? James?"
Oh, I interpreted Evangelical's meaning to be there was a prominent minister, a leading one, when he said "on the same level as Paul". Not that there were no other supporting ministers. This is evident by the prominence of Paul's letters in the New Testament. No doubt Barnabas, Silas, Titus, Timothy, Apollo, and others were capable and faithful yet their contribution was not the same as Paul's.

For instance, Luther was the leading minister for that particular era in the Reformation, not that he was the only one. The Lord used Luther though others were contributors. Moses received the pattern of the tabernacle and it would have been confusing if others Interjected their own ideas about the pattern of the tabernacle.

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