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Originally Posted by awareness View Post
Acts says that "they" were of one accord. The 'they' are the 12, in a house. Is that the early church you speak of?

I wonder? Is it even possible to get a dozen Jews together in one accord? I don't know. Not without divine intervention.

Now how do we go about repeating that pattern from way back when, so we can trigger divine intervention like that today?

We don't. It requires divine intervention. And that's a tricky one.

I heard of one method. And that is, replicating exactly what they were doing right down to the tee. It's important even, to dress like them, and the dwelling, the "house," should be replicated too.

Can we do that? One thing is for sure. The ground of locality hasn't done the trick.

Where's that MOTA when we need him, or her?

Our present age is without a MOTA. Aren't we, according to Lee's teaching concerning God having a minister in each age, suppose to have one?

When did the minister of the age stop happening?

Lee wasn't the MOTA. That became clear to me starting way back with Kangas in Detroit. That's when I found out Lee sent Kangas and two other loyal to Lee brothers, to push out the elders that were already established there ; over the "autonomous" local church, already standing on the ground as the church in Detroit, with Elders over the flock.

Lee can't be the MOTA, if he doesn't even keep to his own teachings. Especially concerning he and Nee's flagship teaching, the key Recovery revelation, that of the ground of locality, that is the final accomplishment required for the bridegrooms' return.

So Lee was the MOTA in name only, a MOTAINO, if you will.

And for that matter Nee was a MOTAINO too. Cuz he had a secret private life, of video taping nude sisters -- sexual assault -- and going to brothels.

When did God stop having a minister in each and every age? Maybe that wasn't ever a thing. But a thing Nee and Lee cooked up for obvious self serving reasons : to be The MOTA.

It's all too funny when I look back on now. Minister of the Age? Bahahahahahaha. Oracle of God? Bahahahahaha.

And "Blended Brothers?" Double Bahahahahaha! How come everyone is not laughing their way to quickest way out from such insanity?
About 120 in the upper room.

The important thing is they met in one accord, that's what the ground of locality is about.

And it doesn't have to be that many people. Just as a group of 120 people brought the Holy Spirit down at Pentecost, it would only take as much to bring Christ back. It does not need every Christian across the world holding hands and singing Kum Ba Ya.
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