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Default Re: Witness Lee's teaching on women

Originally Posted by Drake View Post
Unreg >" need for headship ...."

What a travesty. Of course, there is a need, but more importantly a fact, of headship and authority in the universe.

Where was the headship when Lee installed son Philip, the "unspiritual chef", as his office manager at LSM?

Where was the headship when Lee dunned the LC members for cash for his son Timothy's new motor home business?

People who insist on headship often have none themselves. Their desire to manipulate and control is an attempt to cover their lack of self-control. Their need for temporal power reveals an absence of spiritual reality, of true power.

"Don't you know that I have the power to kill you?" said Pilate (John 19:10). That's the kind of power wielded in churches like the LC. Fear-based power. It isn't real - reject it. It has no authority over you.

The real authority is to forgive, to heal, to love in repeated, consistent action. We occasionally saw that, furtively, in the margins of the LC, among the so-called small potatoes, but rarely if ever in the center, at the supposed locus of power.
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