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The Bible shows us two ways: the way of obedience and the way of rebellion. My thesis is that Jesus alone kept the path of obedience; he became the Way. He was wisdom personified (Proverbs 8). He alone kept the Word. Now He is salvation to all. The partitions are gone.
The first Psalm shows us the two ways: the way of the Blessed and the way of the wicked. My argument here is that Jesus alone kept the Blessed Way. "If you, being evil, know to give good things to your children. . . " We are all evil in God's eyes, all are sheep gone astray. There is not one good one, no not one.

But The Blessed One shines before us, beckoning. The Obedient One, Blessed forever, is then the installed King in Psalm 2. See Deuteronomy 17:14-20 for confirmation: the King is the One who binds the Law into His heart.

And what is the identity of the King? "Behold, the Father and I are one". The earthly King fully identifies Himself with the Heavenly Father. This is the Holy One of Israel (Mark 1:37), who could eat and drink with the sinners and not lose His identity!!!!!

The partitions are gone. It is neither Jew nor Greek, male nor female, slave nor free. No Lord's Recovery and no Catholic Church. No One Publication and no ministry of the age.

Back to the subject of this thread, there's no "us" being "under the restriction of the Body" or "limitation of the ground" or any other thing, self-identified against "them" who don't "keep the oneness" or "closely follow the apostle(s)" &c. Those are arbitrary, make-believe distinctions designed to push us apart for someone's personal, selfish profit.

Our job as believers and disciples (steadfast followers of the Way) is to reach out beyond the barriers, as Jesus did, and find God's heart in each one; not put up limitations onto each other. I say again, if anyone comes preaching a gospel of limitations and restrictions, tell them to take a hike. They're trying to segregate you according to man-made approximations. That is not, nor can it be, the path of holiness. Only Jesus is the Way.
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