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Default Re: Titus Chu Conference at "Chicago Gospel Hall" (April 9-10, 2016)

Originally Posted by Koinonia View Post
I may not be expressing myself clearly; if not, I apologize for that. In the main, I agree with you. I'm not agreeing with Lee's point about the believers cutting themselves off from the apostles. I am saying that Lee's idea that making a distinction that "You say you're of Paul; well, I'm of Christ," can be similarly sectarian. Even Paul lists that among his other "I am of"s.

In any event, whether you or I agree with that or not, I'm simply saying that LC people do exactly the same thing that Lee condemns in his interpretation of "I am of Christ" when they "we are just the church (and you're not)."
OK. Agreed.

This topic faced me head-on during the recent quarantine of TC. The Blendeds forced us all to decide whether we were of TC or WL/BB. Why did I need to choose sides? I am of Christ! I dont need to choose between ministers! But, of course, that option was not made available to me! So I left.
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