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Default Re: Witness Lee's teaching on women

Originally Posted by Terry View Post
Seems to me the thread should be renamed Ron Kangas' teaching on sisters. Something I cannot say about all the messages I have heard Witness Lee speak, but brother Ron, I cannot say I haven't heard a message when he isn't denigrating sisters.
I think Ron may have a problem with spiritual sisters because they tend to be Christ-centered instead of ministry-centered. That alone results in Christ versus Religion.
Ron Kangas's views of women seem to be steeped in ancient Chinese cultural norms passed down from Nee and Lee. Perhaps these oppressive ideas are at the root of the marital problems which so plague the LCM.

One time in the crowded foyer of Cleveland's meeting hall, my elder was furious with me for a personal decision my wife and I made. He was screaming at me, just inches from my face, amidst the bustle of saints during break time. He made the stinging accusation, "can't you control your wife?!?"

I paused for a few milliseconds and then responded, "it's against the law to control my wife." Then I turned and walked out the lobby door. It was so tense, that a simple gesture like wiping the sweat off my brow would have resulted in a Pacquio barrage -- just a 30 second video clip into the teachings and practices of "Witness Lee's teaching on women," and it's effect on his protege Titus Chu, and one of his students.
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