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Default Re: My Views and Stance on The Recovery

Originally Posted by Truth View Post
Thanks awareness. This works if you don't have any close friends/connections in the LC. I have a few, and more than a few. There is no way I can just step out quietly without being noticed. I grew up in this and have given my life to this. I was one of those die-hard ministry supporters myself. None can imagine me leaving. It would come as a big shock.

How would I explain all this to them without lying? If I brought up the history of the LC it would seriously hurt some and maybe even ruin their lives. I have friends who have given their entire life and careers to the LC. Some of these are true friends. I know that even when I leave, we will stay in touch; however, this would become a huge wall in our relationship.

I feel stuck and imprisoned right now.
All my best friends are exLCers. They stayed in when I got the boot. I didn't just quietly walk away. I caused a storm ... a really big storm ... a frantic meeting fist pumping kind of storm.

My friends now considered me a serpent back then, as the lead elder told them. Eventually, years later they got the boot too.

So my exit wasn't easy. It broke my wife and I down. We cried for days and felt miserably lost.

But we got over it. Especially when an elder blatantly ripped us off. We took that as a confirmation that we did the right thing by standing our ground and leaving.

But after leaving the LC support group our marriage failed, as did the marriage of all my present exLCer friends, including the bro and his wife that quietly walked out.

It helped, tho, that both walked out together. Not everyone can just quietly walk away like them.

So my heart and prayers are with you bro. May God be with you. It's not going to be easy. But internally you're already gone.
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