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Default Re: My Views and Stance on The Recovery

Originally Posted by Lisbon View Post
One of my hardest things to get over in a way is that how could I be so stupid, and how could we be so stupid. I know very few smart people so maybe that is the answer. RK is one of th e smartest persons I have known in the LC and look how he turned out. It may be hard for people to believe in God but it is not at all hard for me to believe in the devil. Over quite a long period of time we were very drugged. Why we didn't stand up and scream when WL started trashing the Bible is not easy for me to understand some 27 years ago. Why didn't we pray then. We were badly drugged then and things have never changed.
I had the same feelings when I read the bible again with my LSM blinders off. I felt like I was becoming a Christian all over again. Even though my past life in LSM was depressing and resulted in little spiritual growth, it was exhilarating and exciting to rediscover God and his word again.

After I discovered the bible doesn't really teach assurance of salvation after a simple profession of belief and that only a subset of evangelicals + most southern baptists + brethren + LCs adhere to free grace, it blew my mind away how I could have been so blind. But it's not hard to understand because very few Pastors talk about hell nowadays and you wouldn't even know their theology believes you can go to hell as a Christian for being addicted to things like porn. I realized that I had read the bible haphazardly in the past. Now every verse in the bible has meaning for me and I understand more how nothing is in God's word by accident because it speaks life to so many areas of my existence.

A lot of God's word is so hard to take in it's plain meaning since it convicts our hearts so heavily at times. For that reason men have developed all sorts of theology to soften it's blow throughout the ages. So it's important we hook up with the One Teacher Jesus said we had and the Spirit of truth who will guide us to all truth.

That said I think the best thing to do in your situation is to pray that God would lead you to the right fellowship of Christians who are crazy for Jesus and nothing else. Trust me they're out there if you look hard enough Elijah thought he was alone in the world but God told him he had preserved 7000 like him that didn't bow to Baal.

If you have trouble finding people I recommend watching Sid Roth's channel on youtube:

He's a Messianic Jew who is totally nuts for Jesus. I don't care what people say about Charismatics like him because the dude is on fire for God and it's infectious. He also has a lot of guests on his show that can minister on healing for your life, because God knows how much spiritual healing ex-LCers like myself needed.

Also here is a letter from your Father God to remind you how much he loves you:
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