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No family with addicted parents is all bad. There are moments of joy and fun. But the children know there is something else their parents love and care about more than them. This something takes priority over all other things/people including the children. In the LCS this "something" was Lee. To go back and forth about who went to baseball and who had a TV and who didn't is to miss the bigger issue. An alcoholic parent might take their kid to a baseball game but the kid knows his dad would rather be gulping down some whiskey at the local bar. And in the scheme of things he knows his dad spends more off-work time down at the bar than anywhere else.

It is not until the parent admits there is a problem that the long road of recovery begins and in the process of recovery he realizes what is really important in life is not the bottle as his main focus with the kid/s and family as a subsidiary sideline issue.

I wonder how many parents who left the LCS actually faced and admitted their addiction to Lee. My guess is: not too many. They are still in denial.
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