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Default Re: I'm confused.....

Originally Posted by aron View Post
The local churches of Witness Lee are not local. They are ministry franchises. They are no more local than a McDonalds restaurant.
How can they be local and be "exactly identical", with "no differences whatsoever"? It is outward, enforced uniformity, the same as Babel, bricks built with slime. (Gen 11:3, KJV).
And if you consider this comment an attack, then I daresay you're being a tad subjective here.
I seem to recall DCP being reactive to the suggestion LSM affiliated churches are not local churches, but ministry churches. WELL! If walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it must be a duck.
You're exactly on. Point to me a so-called local church that doesn't received LSM publications, yet is regarded as a local church by Living Stream Ministry or other LSM-affiliated churches . Ron Kangas would characterize such churches as "meeting independently of the Body". Y'all, don't get reactive. That's just what the attitude is towards non-LSM churches. It only proves Aron's statement as being truthful.
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