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Originally Posted by zr0w69 View Post
The first time I was revealed that the grounds for gathering together as the body of Christ was on the grounds of locality was in 2010 while incarcerated in Prison. I found a book in the library by watchman Nee called The Normal Christian Church Life. It was during a deep spiritual revival in my life that i read this book and after a thorough search of scripture I found brother Nee's observation of the scripture to be very sound and biblical.
Welcome Z!

Praise the Lord for the deep spiritual revival in your life.

I encourage you to pray and seek the Lord where you should meet with Christians. Back in the '60s many came to the LCs because they thought Nee's book was being practiced, and initially it was. My how things have changed. I did a thorough study of that book again in 2003 and could not believe how far off the book's publisher Living Stream Ministry had taken the LC's. Not only that, those who have attempted to adhere to those early principles have been excommunicated by LSM.

I believe your revival was solely due to the moving of the Spirit of God in your heart. The Lord can use any book to do this. What He has begun, He longs to complete. Eventually, through further study, many of us have learned that the principle of "Locality" is not necessary for a true church life.

Adhering to the principle of "locality" actually has a negative effect, as you have learned. What joins us as believers is not geography, but the Lord Himself. He is our foundation and ground of oneness, we are "rooted" in Him. (Colossians 2.7)
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