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Default Re: My Journey to the Local Church, and beyond...

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
Who is "retaining Lee?" My only point, which I have already made in far too many posts by now, is not to throw out the good (our faith in Jesus and the Bible) with the bad (our past acceptance of Lee's errant teachings), as some ex-members have done and have become shipwrecked regarding the faith. We need some healthy discernment as the Spirit also tells the Hebrews (in v.5.14) who similarly were having much difficulty with their own past history, vis-a-vis the Jewish teachings and traditions that hindered them from pursuing Christ.

And in this regard, the forum can be helpful. It is a place, albeit toxic at times, where we can interface with other departing members concerning the teachings and practices of LSM and the LC's to become better educated and, in effect, "sort things out."

Hey folks, I seemed to have prompted a firestorm of sorts with this specific view of mine. If enough others feel the same way as OBW and NFNL, I would be glad to leave the forum, no hard feelings and all that. Better brothers than I have reached a similar point and moved on. Perhaps my time has also come.
I haven't read everything in this thread yet, but don't leave. Who says we have to agree about anything to particpate here? We're just talking.
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