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Default Re: My Journey to the Local Church, and beyond...

Originally Posted by aron View Post
... it is Christ who is tending affairs, not us. We are to love Him, try to respect(love) our neighbor, and follow and obey the Spirit which comes in His name.
I used to have a kind of operating principle, back in the day, which I was pleased with because it was fairly simple and easy to remember (always a plus for me).

When I met an unbeliever, I tried to tell them about Jesus. When I met a believer, I tried to tell them about the church.

Today, I would simplify, drastically: when I meet an unbeliever, tell them about Jesus. And when I meet a believer, continue to tell them about Jesus.

Number one, our Jesus is inexhaustible. I daresay I've barely scratched the surface. Number two, when we are there, meeting in His name, He promised that He would be there in our midst. Remember the two disciples on the road to Emmaus? Their doctrine was quite deficient, but they had His name, and eventually they had His presence (parousiea).

There is no higher reality than that. To have His name, and His presence.
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