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Default Re: Responsibility of Christians Responding to Aberrant/Abusive Groups

Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
In the LC, verses like Matt 7:5 are often misapplied and used as a means to obstruct people from standing up for themselves or speaking out. Instead they want to keep people running around in circles wondering whether they are right with the Lord or not.

So many of the issues present in the LC and similar groups are related to things like deception, covering up, lying, etc. All of these types of problems are addressed not by remaining silent, but by speaking up. Remaining silent is what enables the abuse to keep happening, or for more people to become victimized by it.

I'm convinced that Matt 7.5 judging is related to hypocrisy, which Jesus regularly condemned. Today's virtue signaling comes close. It is the practice of condemning others for what you are doing yourself. It is the self-righteous judging Paul speaks to in Rom 1.5.

There are far too many verses in the Bible that exhort us to speak up, to not be silent, and to address the error we face. Especially the errors that hurt God's children.

If we must "judge not" at all times, then why didn't Peter condemn Paul in Antioch for judging him about who he ate with? (Gal 2.11-14) And why did John judge Diotrephes? (3 John 9-11) And why did Jesus Himself rebuke the Pharisees, scribes, and lawyers during His visit to Jerusalem?
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