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Default Re: Prominent Local Church "Shouter" invades Harvard University

Originally Posted by awareness View Post
That EL came out of Nee says something about Nee, and Lee.

And Aron, says something also about Chinese culture.
The EL sect worships a Chinese woman as God. The Lord Changshou sect worships WL as God. The LSM sect follows WL/Blendeds as acting God. The Brazilian sect follows Dong as acting God. The GLA sect follows Chu as acting God.

They are all personality cults. Now, personality cults don't need to be oriental (see Branch Davidians, Heavens Gate, Peoples Temple), but these are, and their Chinese culture is held to be divinely mandated.

When RG told a brother, "We do what we are told", and when MP told you to take his personality as your own, they were simply channeling their oriental master WL. Their only fault was being blunt, and not being subtle about it. They didn't hide it in some pseudo-spiritual clap-trap like "being one with the apostle" or "closely following the apostle." They just told it like it is.
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