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Anyway the RCC has done a good job of convincing many Protestants that they are not the Babylon of Revelation. Thus contradicting the views of Luther, Calvin, etc....

Next step - convince Protestants that works are needed for salvation, leading by example (the emphasis on good works by the Pope convinced many evangelicals of his merit). Social justice and good works is the "trojan horse" that Catholicism uses to draw evangelicals in to the false faith+works gospel. If the Pope invites evangelicals to assist in social welfare how can evangelicals possibly refuse without looking bad? This would be equivalent to the faith-driven disciples of Christ joining with the works-driven Jews to preach the gospel.

The final step in the deception is for the RCC to orchestrate gatherings of protestants and Catholics to participate in prayer and worship together - these are the so-called ecumenical or multi-faith church services. At these events, if there is Protestant-led communion, Catholics would never participate, but Protestants can and do participate in Catholic-led mass. Thus , Protestants have compromised on their beliefs and Catholics have never compromised on theirs. Protestants think they are being "Christ-like" by respecting the Catholic beliefs, when in fact they are really compromising on their own.
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