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Originally Posted by HERn View Post
I thought you were educated, now I see that there are several brothers that post as Evangelical and this late at night we have the most ignorant Evangelical. The RCC came out of what is now the Eastern Orthodox Church. Unfortunately it is true that the RCC did pick up quite a bit from paganism.
That's not quite factual - the RCC and Orthodox church arose at the same time -neither of them can be said to have "come out of" the other.

In regards to the view that the RCC is Babylon, this is an old Protestant belief. Luther, Calvin and Knox all taught that the RCC was Babylon. A true Protestant believes that the RCC is Babylon. "Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide, and RCC is the whore of Babylon". Those shaking hands with the Jesuit Pope cannot be true Protestants although they bear the name.

The view that you hold is a compromise position that the Reformers would not agree with. It is much easier for me to show that the RCC is Babylon than it is for you to show that it is not.
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