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EVangelIcaL said:

"Most believers of today are so utterly blind to the scriptural basis of a church that if one asks another, “To what church do you belong?”*

The churches one and only foundation is Jesus Christ her Lord; LSM, the being blinded brothers, full timers, and LC elders worship at the ground of locality, which is a doctrine from demons used by Satan to isolate WL followers into an exclusive sect, which follows the writings of WL rather than the teachings of Paul. LC elders use the teachings of WL to understand and interpret the NT. WL defrauded the saints with his many business schemes, and allowed his sons to defile several sisters and the testimony of their father. Dear being blinded brothers; if you will please confess that WL had a few beneficial contributions to the body of Christ, but was in error in many things you might be able to redeem WL legacy.
More than 500 or so years ago Christianity was almost 100% an exclusive sect call the Roman Catholic church, and was so for hundreds of years before that. That number is now around 50% (50% of Christians are Catholic), because many other sects came from her. Although the Reformation recovered certain truths, the Reformation was largely a failure to accomplish its mission because Catholicism was never reformed and 50% of Christians are still Catholic today. Instead of being united against Catholicism, Protestants started fighting with each other, which resulted in the hundreds of different denominations we have existing today. The devil succeeded in conquering Christianity through a classical "divide and conquer" approach - after dividing, many Protestant denominations are now conquered, and are marrying homosexuals, among other perverse things.
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