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Default Re: The Mormon Church is "The Church"?

Originally Posted by Evangelical
Perhaps you can state clearly what you believe Coptic Christianity can contribute to the Recovery today? I think you will find they are stuck in their age-old traditions like the EOC and broke with the rest of Christianity at an early time, over disagreement about the nature of Christ.
Originally Posted by aron
Perhaps you can state clearly why the EOC never had a reformation, why all the spin off groups like the LDS, JW, SDA, Christian Science and LSM all seem to emerge from Protestants and not EOC, and what EOC teaches concerning justification by faith? Is their justification "tradition" from the Bible or no? If no, why did cult-watcher Hanegraaf join them?

Or must we consider the EOC as one of your unheard-of groups? Again, EOC may have been unknown in 1517 Bavaria, but not in 21st-century global Christian faith.
Bro E, Recovery to what? If recovery back to the early church days, the Coptic church claims to go back to Mark the Evangelist.

And bro aron. Our old standing Christian churches, like the RCC & EOC, are the touch stone, or baseline, that Cultologist's use to measure what it is to be a cult.

And by that standard The Recovery is a cult. And so is the church that don't want to be called Mormon.
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