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Default Re: Co-workers In The Lordís Recovery Declare Themselves as APOSTLES!

Originally Posted by Trapped View Post
Pshhh who needs to be called a lowly apostle when you have already claimed for your self the position of being THE ONLY PERSON ON EARTH THROUGH WHOM GOD IS SPEAKING WHAT ACTUALLY MATTERS AND IF OTHERS DON'T LINE UP WITH YOU THEY ARE REJECTING GOD. (see "The Vision of the Age" book)

I mean.....think about what kind of whacked out mentality a person has to have to make that claim. Geez, no wonder so many church kids are loopy having grown up hearing what a person like that says constantly throughout their formative years. And no wonder the co-workers are claiming apostleship for themselves.....look at the example of the guy they are following!
I think that aside from what is or isn't spoken, people in the LC already perceive things a certain way. What I mean is that before WL ever declared himself as God's oracle, he was already perceived that way. Before the blendeds ever declared themselves to be apostles, they were already held in that regard. Likewise, before there was ever any controversy over whether or not LSM was a headquarters, it was already recognized as such.

When these articles get put out, they really aren't fooling anyone, including those in the LC. It is simply propaganda telling people what to believe. Whether it is out of fear or it is out of stupidity, LCers choose to believe what they are told.
Isaiah 43:10 ďYou are my witnesses,Ē declares the Lord, ďand my servant whom I have chosen, so that you may know and believe me and understand that I am he. Before me no god was formed, nor will there be one after me.
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