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Default Re: Co-workers In The Lord’s Recovery Declare Themselves as APOSTLES!

Originally Posted by Nell View Post
V. 17 “Tell it to the church” means tell it to the church. It doesn’t mean “tell it to the Elders” or “tell it to the apostles”. Tell it to the church.
This corresponds with Paul's instruction to Timothy regarding sins, (I Tm 5.19-21) to demand confirmation by multiple witnesses and then to "discipline before all that others may also be in fear." This is very much like the legal system.

Let me say something about SHAMING. Public shaming is a very effective method to change people's behavior. It should be used judiciously for those who sin. Disciplining the sinner before all is the Biblical way to administer divine justice in the house of God. It can produce incredibly positive fruit, not just in the sinner's life, but can benefit the entire assembly. The repentance of the sinning brother in Corinth is proof. (II Cor 2.6-8)

Public shaming in Lee's Recovery system is all distorted. Supposedly, based on this "recovered" practice by a sister named Margaret Barber, Nee and Lee used shaming to "perfect" the brothers. This horrible practice has no scriptural basis, and merely becomes the vehicle by which the hierarchy is established and maintained. This defines the way of the Gentiles, seen often in the military and many businesses. (Matt 20.25-26; Luke 22.24-26)

One defining characteristic of Lee's shaming paradigm is that it only "goes downhill." Those above in the hierarchical order must never be critiqued, and one is only given license to critique those beneath. Hence Philip Lee, as second in command, could shame all, but none could shame him for his many sins, except his father, who never did as he should have. This was just another example of how "recovered" traditions superseded the plain instructions of scripture.
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