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Default Re: Co-workers In The Lordís Recovery Declare Themselves as APOSTLES!

Btw, Lee tried to side-step this issue by creating "the ministry". Technically, all believers have a ministerial function: to aid, to comfort, to help, to support. The Samaritan and the broken traveller are given prominently as exemplars.

But with Lee, ministry became the promulgation of a doctrine - his. His doctrine was termed "the vision of the age". Subjecting oneself to this "vision" became paramount. And since Lee controlled the vision, he controlled everything. He could contradict himself, he could reverse field. Whatever.

So he could term himself "Bible expositor" to the judge, but to the insider's he was Today's Paul and Today's Moses and Deputy God. Apostle was thus neatly sidestepped, as a fixed point of reference. Today you have "co-workers" and other terms. They can mean whatever one wants.
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