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Default Re: Co-workers In The Lord’s Recovery Declare Themselves as APOSTLES!

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Are we told in v. 16 who to “take” (elders...deacons...apostles)? No. Take witnesses. Possibly, this means witnesses to the problem, regardless of where they may live.

V. 17 “Tell it to the church” means tell it to the church. It doesn’t mean “tell it to the Elders” or “tell it to the apostles”. Tell it to the church.

The members are charged to solve their own problems. If necessary, witnesses are brought in to establish the problem or matter. But final “authority” is given to the church...the members. Elders and deacons have abdicated their role as servants and with, a heavy-handed rod, usurped the authority of the church by assuming her role in solving problems.

If members do not practice Matt.18:15, rather, if members are not admonished to practice Matt. 18:15-17, the door is open for ambitious elders to come in and “rule”.

Why didn’t Matthew 18 say “tell it to the elders”? Because the church that Jesus was building was given the authority to make such part of the “building” process...maybe?

Good point.
When a complaint is against an elder or elders, and one has to tell it to the 'elders' , one will be silenced, punished, instead of Matthew 18 being practiced.
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