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Default Re: Co-workers In The Lordís Recovery Declare Themselves as APOSTLES!

Originally Posted by UntoHim View Post
We know who the elders are by name. Many (most) are listed in the the North American publication of Local Churches. (The last one of these I have possession of is a number of years old.) Not sure if one has been distributed lately. Does the newest version of this directory/publication include the names of the apostles?

No, the "apostles" of TLR are not listed in any recent version of the book that has the U.S. local churches contact info in it. It is still a book of church contact info with some brothers specific info under each. Although if I remember correctly from previous years there may be some clarification that the brothers listed for each locality are not necessarily the elders, I'm not sure. But go to any locality and the saints there can sure tell you who the elders of that locality are.....there's no mystery there.

Originally Posted by UntoHim View Post
Why can't we know who these apostles are BY NAME.
It's pretty dumb they go to such lengths to pretend there is no defined set of such brothers by using school kid type responses like "the blended brothers are just the brothers which are blended" when asked who the blended brothers are . Since the co-workers, oh, sorry, I mean apostles, have annual meetings together there obviously exists somewhere some specific list of them to be used when all of them need to be contacted about something.
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