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Originally Posted by HERn View Post
From my interactions with the different evangelical para-church groups on campuses none are functioning to send members to one evangelical denomination to the exclusion of other evangelical denominations. All the para-church groups recommend that their members should also be members of a genuine local church, not just a LSM associated local church.

I'm sure that the JW, Morman, and other non-evangelical college groups refer there students to JW and Morman chuches; just like the LSM Christians on Campus refer students to LSM Local Churches.
Evangelical organizations will refer to evangelical churches. Evangelicals surely believe that only evangelical churches are genuine churches (not Catholic etc).
Do these evangelical organizations ever refer students to Catholic churches? If they were baptists or presbyterians themselves would they ever?

As we see from HERn's post, the meaning of "inter-church" and "para-church" refers only to evangelical churches. Now it is becoming apparent that these inter and para-church organizations are selective about which churches they support (are they truly local, therefore?).

In reviewing the websites of these organizations, I find no indication that they are primarily evangelical or support evangelical churches primarily. For example, the Navigators website has no indication that they are evangelical and not Catholic.

To obtain this information I have to go to

The Navigators is an evangelical Christian ministry

This Catholic forum also proves that they are committed to one particular branch of Christianity, and are possibly anti-Catholic and target Catholics in their preaching:

leastofthese wrote previously:

These groups are not about growing a local church or a denomination - they're about growing the Body.

Poor leastofthese , once again the facts speak for themselves and proves you wrong. As I have shown, these are evangelical groups about growing the branch of Christianity known as evangelicalism.
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