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Default Re: Steve Isitt (Indiana) testimony

Originally Posted by ZNPaaneah View Post
When did I express incredulity?

I do not want anyone to draw the conclusion that I know what any individual is thinking, but as a rule our conscience will condemn us if we are not walking according to the truth. When you look at the holocaust you discover that many Germans were ashamed of what was going on even though they didn't act. The reality of the holocaust was not that all Germans are monsters, not even that the majority of Germans were monsters,
The difference is that the Germans knew that there was no intrinsic evil in Jews and other non-Germanic/Aryan groups. In the case of the LRC, they actually believe what they are told. Their conscience is directed by the firm belief that there is something spiritually amiss and that the "brothers" are correct to point it out and condemn it.

They feel no shame. They think it is right. They are fully under the influence of the heavenLee kool aid, now fortified with vitamin BB. They know that their teachings are correct and blessed by God.

Besides, how can they be wrong when they're so sincere?
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