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Originally Posted by finallyprettyokay View Post

Did you sleep last night?

Great work. Still, these do not sound like the quote I remember reading and talking about. Let's see, it would have been some time around 1973 or 74, maybe a little earlier, but probably not later than 74. Just by thinking about where we lived at the time.

The quote was concerning Genesis (I think) , and how 'sin and deception entered through woman' and thus women --- blah, blah, blah. We all know the drill by now.

Jane --- any of that time period ring a bell?

YPO, you are the Sherlock Holmes of old quotes! Anyone else?

What a rockin' group of people we are here!!!


Another full disclosure:
I bought the LS set on CD when it came out, so it's easy for me to search that. I've since acquired the other' publisher's CD of Nee's works. After that, I use Google sometimes and then logic plus my understanding of the group's history. (Still looking for a set of the 1977 republication of The Stream if anyone knows how I can get one!)

The quote in Genesis I did see but it failed to make a strong impression upon me, at least as it was printed. It wasn't well worded but it would be a little nit-picky to me to discuss at length whether sin entered first through Adam or Eve. (oops! ) The main emphasis of Lee's teaching on Eve is that she is a type of the counterpart of Christ, which I have no problem with.

Here is what I found along these lines, for what it's worth. If there were other loose talk along these lines, it hasn't been preseverd in the printed texts that I can see:

We not only have these verses, but also a great sign in the universe found in Revelation 12:1----the sign of a woman with the sun, the moon, and the stars. In order to move properly in this universe, we have this woman as a great sign. This woman is something related to the church. I do not say that the woman is the church, but that the church is a great part of this woman. If we are to move and behave and act in this universe, we must know this woman.

She originates in Genesis 3. The Bible is a book of women. Satan entered the human race through a woman, and the Lord Jesus also entered the human race through a woman. Eventually, the Bible consummates with the New Jerusalem, which is a female, the bride of Christ. Hallelujah! We will all be a part of that woman. So, we all must know the woman in Revelation 12. She is a biblical woman, a universal woman covering the whole Bible. Strictly speaking, she began in Genesis 2 with Eve, not in Genesis 3, and then proceeds from Genesis 2 to Revelation 22. If you know this woman, you know the signs. She is a very prominent sign. She is a sign for Godís people to know whether they must go on or stop. Because many Christians lack this woman, they donít know what to do. They have no way to go on. We need a sign, a sign which comes from the fourth-day lights.

Witness Lee, Life-Study of Genesis

But I found this little gem while I was looking...

This is the basic and logical principle that we must care for: we can never express God or represent God by our own life. Consider your life. Your life is incapable of expressing God; it is only adequate to express yourself. To a certain extent, a woman is not even qualified in life to represent her husband, because her life is not as high as her husbandís. I wonder if the sisters agree with this. At any rate, we all must admit that our natural life disqualifies us from expressing God and representing Him.

Witness Lee, Life-Study of Genesis
Let each walk as the Lord has distributed to each, as God has called each, and in this manner I instruct all the assemblies. 1 Cor. 7:17
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