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Default Re: I came into the church in 1975 in Boston

Originally Posted by DistantStar
Is the LSM in charge of the Local Churches? I thought them merely a publication company.
See the link to the post below. One of our members put out a kind of introductory thread for people who either don't know much about this group or only know about them through their interactions with them (which is the same thing, ).

The short answer is, the LSM is very much in control of the Local Churches.

Exceptions: they tried to control Titus Chu and he and his regional churches (Great Lakes Area of USA) left the LSM affiliation.

Also a man named Dong Yu Lan was Witness Lee's main Lieutenant in charge of Brasil and he also wouldn't "lose face" and submit to the LSM (a Chinese cultural thing) and so he and "his" churches were also cut off from LSM. Both Brasil and GLA churches were "quarantined" about 2007.

Africa seems to be somewhat of a sphere of contention, with GLA, Brasil, and LSM operatives struggling to control various assemblies on that continent.

And in Mainland (Communist) China, Witness Lee started a big movement there after 1979 and at one point claimed millions of adherents, but it got really crazy with a lot of heretical off-shoots. LSM basically lost control of the groups that were supposedly following them, so they just washed their hands and said, "We have nothing to do with these people". They are called Shouters or Yellers or Criers in the mainland, if you want to google them. Some of the off-shoots kidnap people, extort money, have lifted up Witness Lee to be God incarnated. They don't call on the name of Jesus but on the name of "Lord Changshou" (Witness Lee's Chinese name). They say Jesus failed but Witness Lee succeeded. Etc. Very strange stuff.

Originally Posted by Unsure View Post
This post seeks to be a starting point for newcomers to the forum. It contains a set of reading material general and comprehensive in nature to introduce them to the Local Church and to give them a window into understanding the problems and baggage that the group carries with it.
Actually the Local Churches are a very good cautionary tale for any Christian. Don't isolate yourself, stay open to the larger body of Christian believers. "In the counsel of many is safety". And never think that you are somehow superior to others. Those who lift themselves up, or even their ideas, will be thrown down. Be humble and learn from everyone else. Witness Lee told us that he had not learned anything from anyone for 50 years! That was how "mature" or "perfected" he supposedly was.
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