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Default Re: I came into the church in 1975 in Boston

Originally Posted by DistantStar View Post
Interesting. Who are the current leaders of LSM and do you know where I can find out who the leaders are in my area?

Edit: I mean the current leaders of the Local Church.
Edit2: I've just read another post. Is the LSM in charge of the Local Churches? I thought them merely a publication company.

While in Christians on Campus there were two or three men who seemed to handle the processions, but I could never distinguish who the actual man on top (at least at campus) was. I mean, to whom do they answer?

Who is within the chain of command?

I've been wondering about this since I joined and now that I left.
LSM is just a publishing company?

Talk about equivocating doublespeak!

One day they are "just" faithful servants publishing books, the next day they are undermining your eldership and training members how to file lawsuits.

The biggest farce is the word "local." One time Lee actually said that the local elders have the authority to select the time when the prayer meeting starts. I now question if they can do even that.

Btw, we do have a poster from South Africa -- Friedl -- if he stops by again.
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