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Default Re: Comments on The One Publication by Philip van Dijk

When Paul writes about the gifts of the members of the Body, he begins by speaking of “dumb idols.” … In verse 2 Paul reminds them that when they were of the nations, of the Gentiles, they were “led away to dumb idols.” Here Paul does not say they were led away to sins, lusts, or the world; he says that they were led away to dumb idols, in whatever way they were led. No matter by what way they were led, they were led to dumb idols. Paul's use of the adjective “dumb” implies that both the idols and those who worship them are dumb, unable to speak…. But after coming to believe in Christ, they are now worshippers of the living God.

It is by speaking that we prove that we are living. Our God is living. The Bible reveals that our living God is the speaking God. Throughout the centuries, especially in this New Testament age, God has been speaking…. Because the God whom we worship is the living and speaking God, we also speak and thereby prove that we are the living members of the Body of Christ. (Witness Lee, Life-Study of 1 Corinthians, Chapter 57, Section 2)

This doctrine of "one trumpet" is merely the leading the saints away to dumb idols.
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