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Originally Posted by A little brother View Post
I think this is well covered by Nigel Thome already. Perhaps you can start by reading it more seriously.

Scripture only identifies one person as indwelt by Satan; that is Judas, the betrayer. During the last supper, we are told that “Satan entered into Judas
” (Luke 22:3; John 13:27). J. Stafford Wright notes “Satan is only once said to have entered into a person, i.e. Judas.” This is a counter-example to LSM’s teaching about Satan’s indwelling. Stated rhetorically--If Satan (the person) indwells everyone’s flesh, Satan would not have needed to enter Judas; he would already be there!

I've read Dr. Tomes articles and frankly they are shoddy workmanship filled with leaps of logic, gaps, and contradictions. In general, his writings are verbose and attempt to establish credibility by overwhelming the reader with volume as opposed to substance. Sad for an economics professor who should know how to apply his secular discipline to make a compelling argument on matters related to God. But thanks for your exhortation opening the door to clarify my views on Dr. Tomes ramblings. Happy to do that anytime prompted else I probably would have ignored it.

I'd rather hear what you have to say on this topic providing you too do not also get overly verbose and long winded. Let's have a conversation. Perhaps you would like to take a crack at explaining why Jesus called Peter Satan. Was Peter really Satan? Why does sin dwell or how can sin deceive if not a personification of some sentient entity? Still, if you insist you can quote Tomes, if he represents your viewpoint, but hopefully you can articulate your own viewpoint without redirecting your argument into "Nigel Tomes said...".

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