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Default Re: Witness Lee's teaching on women

Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
IMO, Ron's main problem is his inability to accept constructive criticism. He is the type who cannot accept blame, and I don't think he is able to admit to being wrong in any way. He has gone beyond his blended peers and insulated himself from all criticism. He calls the brother whom he considers to be his arch nemesis a "man of death". If he says that he considers "spiritual sisters" worse than those he would label as "rebellious", then I'm scared to know what he really thinks of women.
Seems to me the thread should be renamed Ron Kangas' teaching on sisters. Something I cannot say about all the messages I have heard Witness Lee speak, but brother Ron, I cannot say I haven't heard a message when he isn't denigrating sisters.
I think Ron may have a problem with spiritual sisters because they tend to be Christ-centered instead of ministry-centered. That alone results in Christ versus Religion.
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