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Default Re: Non-LC member dating an LC member--help!

Originally Posted by boughtbyJesus View Post
I am currently experiencing my own spiritual battle with my husband in regards to him "taking care of the church" and placing me 2nd. Mind you, keep in mind that we have been married for close to 20 years now and have two young children (8 & 9 years) together. I always remind him that God comes 1st, before anyone or anything, not "the church" and that I am NOT the burden WL has said wives are to their husbands.
The LC constantly indoctrinates their people to "consecrate their lives to Christ and the church." They use Acts 9.5 to convince their people that we can never "separate Christ and the church." What a twisting of scripture!

Many of us can testify that putting "Christ and the church" first in our lives before our own families left us with neither Christ nor our family. Our first love to the Lord got replaced with endless hours of studying and reading LC literature. Our families got replaced by endless hours of church service in their programs.

Many members did not wake up until after their families fell apart. It was after I left the LC that the light of God shined in my heart when some pastor at the community church said, "first the Lord, then our family, then our work, then our church service." What a liberating word that was. "The truth shall set you free."
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