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Default Non-LC member dating an LC member--help!

I have never done a "forum" before and perhaps I must be desperate. I literally stumbled across this forum as I was trying to figure out if the LC was a cult and what the heck I got into. I suppose I qualify as a "lurker."

Anyway, I met a guy about 4 years ago who is a devout member of the LC. Well, devout in how he talks, but his lifestyle does not at all reflect what he says. We had an on-again, off-again relationship over the years. Last year, we started talking about marriage and got more serious. However, I could never shake off the whole "spiritual" aspect of his life.

I was raised in a non-denominational church and could never understand what he was talking about or what was really going on during the LC church meetings. I consider myself an educated woman with the ability to reason. But no matter how I sliced it, I could never understand things like the "Triune God." His reason for my lack of understanding was because I was "veiled." He told me many strange things over the years and was extremely judgmental and critical of other christians. He did not believe I had a real relationship with God.

He told me that we were "unequally yoked" and the only way we could move towards marriage is if I chose to follow him in the LC. I balked and hesitated. I had no understanding for what was going on. He would cut off communication with me at times and then shortly thereafter, call me and want to see me again. It all was very confusing.

I refused to join the church, even though I cared about him. He has since left for his second term at the Full time training. Our relationship is muddled and without a label at this point. He has not communicated either. Probably because he's not allowed to.

1) I need to know what it means that he has joined the FTT? Is there any hope for him and his mental and emotional health?

2) Can someone please explain how one can claim to "know the truth" and "have the light" and yet their lives are in complete darkness and chaos? How can he not see that?

3) I need to know what the FTT means for him and how I can walk away and stop hoping for him to change if he never will. I need to be set free from this mess.

Thank you,

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