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Default Re: Comments on The One Publication by Philip van Dijk

The most damaging and dangerous situation for a cult or false prophet is a member that only has one lord, Jesus Christ.

I used to think, "why do they care so much about other publications, most of these are non profit, what they publish is essentially free" just like no one has to pay to read or participate in this forum. But that is what is so dangerous. Siphoning money from 10,000 saints is how those in the administration of LSM get their salaries. The most damaging "competition" is from those who "freely received and freely give", that is something they have no way to compete with.

If you do not align yourself with the leadership hierarchy (and if the local hierarchy does not align itself with the LSM hierarchy) then they will treat that as the most serious attack on them, while at the same time winking at idolatry and fornication among the leadership.
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