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Default Re: "Promoting Reading the Publication of the Ministry Among the Saints"

I kept my green bound life-studies for a long time. They sat in the garage in a cardboard box for years. I guess my original idea that they were a good summation of the Bible stuck with me. Finally I just decided to get rid of them. It felt hypocritical to sell them so I put them in my car and went and threw them in a dumpster. It wasn't an act of contempt, just cleaning out the garage and moving on. I've never regretted it.

Besides, the strength of Lee's ministry was never in the details. In fact he often goes way off on the details, particularly about relationships. He was really always about the big vision and that can pretty much be summed up in one book or his Bible footnotes. Most of his stuff is very repetitive to the point of being superfluous.

Lee was never very good about practically applying the word to real life. He was always about life being an ongoing process of being blown away by big visions, being motivated by that to do things (attend meetings, give money), and then repeating.

What was essentially good about Lee's ministry? Basically to have a real intimate relationship with God, let that permeate your life and cause you meet with other Christians in unity and simplicity for the glory of God. That's what's stuck with me--have a real relationship with Christ and love and receive all believers, don't get hung up on doctrines.

The rest was just the details. Some was very good: Resurrection life, indwelling Spirit, glorious riches. But much was just superfluous and even in error: The local ground, mingling, metabolic transformation, spiritual authority, the Recovery, Minister of the Age, one trumpet, quarantining.
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