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Default Re: How Much To Throw Out?

Yes, I “recruited” you at college but I wasn’t using a specific technique that I can recall. I think the key for me was …. I was a true believer, all out. (I hope there are no bad feelings) I am sure you realize this wasn’t my first time at this. I was preaching the gospel at 18, in Bible College and worked with Teen Challenge in Detroit even before I was involved with WL and the LC. In Santa Cruz I was very involved in recruitment on campuses. Detroit was different since I was dealing more with believers in other groups whereas in Santa Cruz it was mainly “unbelievers”.

There wasn’t a technique to bring in believers other than I believed we had a better way for all of Christianity. I believed we had this unique insight into the Bible, Christ, the church, reality etc.. When you really believe you have the unique truth that no one else has it can be appealing because it makes people think, maybe. It is not like JWs who are well known and denounced. We were an unknown except we had WN as a backdrop for our credibility. With his books the Normal Christian Life and others I was sold on him and WL being a disciple of his just drew me in. When someone truly believes in something it can be appealing or unappealing depending on where you are in your life. I have followed all the lawsuits etc and I am aware that the very magazine who denounced WL etc has now reversed field and said that are a true Christian Church. Whatever.

The problem with all of this is that when there are cracks in the wall i.e. doubt --- it all starts to come undone. I am not discussing having doubt about Christ at first but doubt about what WL and others in the LC e.g. Mel Porter were doing and saying. You can even believe that the “idea” of a LC is what God wanted but it boils down to humans who are running this stuff. When that happens the floor below begins to shift and you find yourself trying to make sense of it all especially when you have been so dedicated, so involved, so given to it all. You start out by saying well at least WL and LC brought me closer to “Christ”. I don’t know what path anyone takes but for me that statement did not end up being true. However, I had to go through a lot of reflection and assessment to realize that it didn’t work for me.

I don’t think anyone from the LC should accept “Christianity” (I say should because some of my relatives have swallowed it after having been in the LC) because of what was experienced in the LC. I say that not because I want to judge anyone but people are playing church and they have politicized Christianity in the US (btw-there are authentic Christians but I am not sure anyone on this forum would agree with me as to who they are).

When you leave the LC, where is there to go, other than having some home meetings etc and that really doesn’t last over time? I would suggest that if you are going to keep believing in WL or WN or the LC etc stay with the LC…stick it out because I don’t think it will work very well for you outside of that realm. It all has worked for me simply because I have distanced myself from all of it in a way that is positive.
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