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Default Re: Eating & Drinking Jesus Daily - Who emphasizes this besides the LC?

Originally Posted by Raptor View Post
So I believe there is an emphasis on eating and drinking Jesus in the Bible, but I have realized the following: yes, E&DJ is very important, BUT if other basic things are not emphasized also, then an imbalance occurs.
I say that the essential NT requirements for salvation, or "the basic things which should be emphasized", are:

1. Believe into Jesus. Self-explanatory. I could cite the verses but you [should] know them.

2. Deny the self. "Take up the cross and follow me" and such verbiage. If you continue to indulge your sinful and fallen flesh, and likewise your soulish comforts, you're probably no better than an ubeliever (imho). Maybe even worse - "and the last state of the man was worse than the first".

3. Reach beyond yourself and express in some practical way the same love for your neighbour that you have for yourself, and that God had for you in sending His Son. If you have a sandwich and your neighbour's hungry, - voom - 1/2 the sandwich travels to your neighbour's hand. A cup of water, a shirt, a ride to town...we all know that to "work the works of God" is to believe into the Christ whom God has sent per John 6:28,29.... now, if you 'believe' but continue to act in a self-centered manner, I wonder then what you believe? If you truly believe, then you'll obey the commands, "Feed my sheep"... maybe that meant, a real sandwich to a real hungry person, not just selling them LSM materiel? Worth asking, here.

Beyond that, I don't see much. Yes, study scriptures and show yourself approved, and yes gather together with the faithful, etc. But I see the first 3 as essentials. The rest is not 'crucial' as WL and other ministers tried to sell you.

Let me trot out Dorcas (Tabitha) for example. She clearly met Conditions 1, 2, and 3. Whether she pray-read or sing-read or PSRP'd or whatever else isn't known. Not important, really. She believed, and loved others enough to get out of herself. The weeping widows holding up her hand-made shirts testified of her status as a disciple of Jesus Christ (Acts 9:36-41). If the "other stuff" gets emphasized alongside this, then it's a distraction at best and a stumbling at worst.
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