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Default Re: An Unknown Follower Of Jesus

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I hardly know where to put this, but I am hoping it will be read by those who are seeking eye witness accounts of the truth. My response to this thread may need to go somewhere else on this site. Here is my testimony of what transpired when I lived with a young family of members of "The Church in Blackpool" sometime between mid to late 1979 to January 1980. I attended meetings there. I remember that there was a sister either there or in Ipswich who was a gifted singer and guitar player. She sang, I believe from one of the books on Timothy. She loved to sing and we loved listening to her. The Living Stream Ministry was interested in the tape she made of her singing, in order to distribute it under the Living Stream label.
I loved those tapes. Put this in the thread about "good things to come out of the recovery".
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