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Default Re: I was interfered in my personal social media by one of Lee's followers

Originally Posted by Truthseeker View Post
Now, I understood why they just gain Asian American in the LSM affiliated local churches. Does some of them think that if you have some photos with firearms holder or something, so you can't become so called good witness of Christ? I am afraid that local churches will fail in the redneck states because they love firearms collection so much. Only Lee's teaching can't help you to know more about the reality of the world and how to survive in it without any transgressions before the Lord.
As a sister who was born and raised in a "redneck state," it's more accurate to say that we love the 2nd Ammendment. In fact, we love all of them, especially the 1st 10 called our Bill of Rights, and the Constitution as well. I'm not sure what at this has to do with anything. You're on thin ice here. No politics allowed.

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