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Default I was interfered in my personal social media by one of Lee's followers

Hi, I'm seeking for the spiritual truth in the bible. Lastly, I have found books of Witness Lee while may satisfy my hunger for the Lord. I have my personal line id for sharing encouraging words of God to many Christians or fellow saints. Now, Churches in the Lord's recovery are talking about "One New Man " according to witness Lee's messages. In my personal line id, I like to post some military and public services photos because I like this kind of career. But he addressed to me by saying "Could you stop posting these photos ? It results from "the old man ". Brother, you are baptized and crucified with Christ. So, you are new one man in the one body. The pictures of public services like cops or military personnel with his or her own firearm are very scary and violent. These are not appropriated for one who serve God. So, you have to change or delete these pictures from your line app because it's not appropriate for becoming good gospel preacher and Christ's testimony. I will pray for you in order that you can see (that posting these kinds of public service career displease Christ and His body)." This is what he said to me concerning my posting in my personal area.
What do you think about this, dear brother and sister ?
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