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Originally Posted by aron View Post
The whole love of God, how deep and strong and pure it is, we only have a faint taste. But even in its faintness, we know that it's real. In some sense, it's the only thing that's real.

And then Paul used these words: "We see in a glass, darkly"(v.12)... we look in a mirror, and in ourselves we see a tiny bit of "Christ in us" in faint reflection. We were originally made in God's image, and in our acting out the great and surpassing love of God, toward each other, we may faintly reflect that divine love which sought us, and purchased us back from sin.
Great post bro aron.

And in a sense, when we act loving we make the kingdom of God real on the earth. And vis--vis, when we act hateful, we make the kingdom of Satan real.
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