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Default Re: I've been in the recovery for 41 years...

Originally Posted by aron View Post
... here is the sixty-four dollar question: where did Peter, or anyone else for that matter, disparage the [witness] of David as "fallen"?

Where did he or anyone else warn... that only some of the Psalms were profitable for teaching, for reproof, and instruction in righteousness, while the bulk were vain and unprofitable words of natural men?
Or put it another way: if you want to start going around saying that some of the scriptures are of no avail, in revealing Jesus Christ to us, you'd better bring some big guns with you. Because if the only thing you are basing this assertion on is your own logic, or your so-called revelation, you are not going to get very far with the discriminating Christian public.

Christ is the Word of God, incarnated to us and for us and now in us. His faith, his Spirit, his person, and his work is the rock upon which we boldly stand - "He (Christ) trusted in Him (the Father); let Him (the Father) save him (Christ) now" (Matt 27:43; Psa 22:8). If you dismiss this Word as merely a contrivance of fallen human imagination you risk the prophecy: "Anyone who falls upon this stone will be broken to pieces". (Matt 21:44) I saw WL trash the Psalms, and it was like watching his ministry implode right in front of me.
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