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Default Re: Desiderius Erasmus Versus Martin Luther

Originally Posted by aron View Post
Second, I cannot criticize Luther for his ex-communication and subsequent schism, and the violence which ensued. But it's worth noting that no troops marched forth behind Erasmus' writings. Nobody died. In contrast, when Luther was notified of thousands perishing in one of the failed "Peasant Rebellions", he merely shrugged and said, in effect, "To make omelets you have to break eggs." But no, Luther: these were human beings who were dying.
It was the German nobles which made Martin Luther the first MOTA. When it comes to standing up against the Papists, Luther is without equal, partly because none of his predecessors could survive the Roman thugs very long. Luther, however, was protected, and lived to protest another day.

When it came to treating his brothers with the love of God, Luther was very much like the last MOTA in Anaheim. Luther threw many under the bus. He sacrificed the Anabaptists to preserve his own movement. He and the Swiss reformers led by Ulrich Zwingli agreed on 14.5 major items, yet Luther still refused to work together with them. In true MOTA fashion, he could not work together with others, unless he was in charge.
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